“The Electric Company” – Learning at Your Fingertips

From Children’s Television Workshop’s Emmy Award winning educational series, “Sesame Street”, creators of “Sesame Street”, also known as the “Muppets”, teach basic reading and grammar skills to children 6-8 through sketch comedy, musical skits, sing-a-ma-jigs, and special animation sequences. Maintaining its universal appeal, “Sesame Street” has been seen in more than 100 countries around the world. For an even wider international audience, the series is available on DVD and in a number of interactive formats including an online Sesame Street website and mobile applications.

“The Electric Company” was developed by the non-profit Children’s Media Center (CMCC). An award-winning non-profit organization devoted to children’s educational programming, CMCC believes in the power of video for learning, educational games for children, and creative and hands-on activities for children to engage with the educational process in an engaging and fun way.

The series was created to be similar in concept to the classic children’s television show, “What’s My Line?” This program featured a variety of characters in various situations, giving the viewer a look at how everyday people live their lives. Each story was told through the eyes of a character in real life, giving viewers a realistic experience of how these characters live.

As a result of the innovative, interactive format of the show, the program teaches children important language and cultural experiences that enrich the child’s life. The program is available in many languages and shows children in a number of different settings, allowing parents to enjoy the show at the time they watch it, regardless of the language spoken by their child. For example, in Spanish, the series includes stories about young children growing up in the United States and Canada, and the Spanish language.

A recent study, conducted by the U.S. Department of Education, found that the “Electric Company,” which shows a young boy as a first grader, influences the children’s education. As a result, the show is now used in classrooms across the country as a way of introducing students to the language, culture, social issues, and history.

The learning process with the show is based on the premise, “Children should not have to guess what is what.” In addition, this show encourages children to think critically.

The “Electric Company,” however, is not the only educational shows that encourage learning by engaging children in interactive environments. In fact, other popular children’s educational shows such as “Sesame Street”Arthur” incorporate similar techniques in their programs. “Arthur,” for example, features several characters, all telling children stories about their day at school and teaching children lessons about their culture.

Parents can help to contribute to children’s educational programming by encouraging and supporting programs that promote education in their homes, at home, or at the local community college. If you are interested in helping your child learn, consider viewing and listening to the “The Electric Company” series.

“The Electric Company” – Learning at Your Fingertips
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